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2cm qurxin bio-glass gole jaad ah oo qurxin ah oo loogu talagalay jikada cagaar buluug buluug caano cawl midab leh oo xumbo marmar ah miiska korkiisa

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Ally Quartz

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Bio-Glass Jade Glass



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Bio-Glass(Jade Glass) is made of almost 100% crystalline silica in the form of quartz containing 70-72% weight % silicon dioxide.


Bio-Glass(Jade Glass) consists of 100% recycled glass. Bio-Glass colors depend on recycled components (hollow glass, tableware, and/or factory shards).



waa maxayDhalada Jade


Jade Glass is a truly ecologically intelligent product. Future Friendly material made of 100% recycled glass and is 100% recyclable, No colorants, no additives. Created from hand-selected raw material that is shaped into slabs then heated with a patented sintering process.


Jade Glass is made from liquor bottles including beer, wine, champagne, rum bottles and sparkling water, as well as commercial and industrial glasses. Each Jade Glass color is from one glass source creating the unique color of the product.


Stain Resistant, Frost Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Fire Resistant


Bespoke sizes and colors available upon request

Coral Blue




*Magaca Alaabta

Hot Melt Glass,Fused Glass,Cast Glass,Fusing Glass

*Standard Size

Accept Custom,300 mm*300 mm,1830*2400 mm,1220*3300 mm,

1200*2440mm, 1400*3000MM


Sheet Glass,Inorganic Colorant,Qualified Ultra Clear Tempered Float Glass


White; Blue; Green; Orange,Customized Color,etc.


15MM, 18MM, 20MM, 25MM, 30MM, 40MM, 50MM

*Light Transmittance

> = 91%


Pattern/Fused,Details can be customized by negotiation


Churches,Villas,Hotels,Guesthouses,Clubs,Walls,Apartments,Shops,Cafes,Windows,Murals,Office Building,Mall,Supermarket,Leisure Facilities,Swimming Pool Decoration,Office Partition,Restaurant Partition,Corridor,Building Decoration Material,Kitchen,Bathroom,Doors,Wall Cladding,Counter Tops,Railing,Table Tops,etc.



Counters, Vanities, Back Splash, Walls, Shower Walls, Exterior Façade, Floors (R10), Industrial Design

Ocean Blue project pictures)

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